Current (Sheffield):

Responsible for leading tutorials for classes of up to 40 students, marking weekly homework assignments, administering and marking in-class quizzes. Average weekly workload: Lead Demonstrator - 3 hours, Assistant demonstrator - 2 hours, Marking - 2 hours.

Past (Sheffield):

Past (Warwick):

Responsible for supervising two groups of first year mathematics undergraduates, five students per group, two sessions per group per week plus marking. Modules covered:

Private tutoring

I am available for hire as a private tutor for mathematical and scientific topics up to degree level. Please contact me to make an inquiry.

I have previously tutored on mathematics at the levels between GCSE, A Level, and degree level, most recently for a 2nd year engineering student, as well as participating in outreach and voluntary activities at primary and secondary levels. I have also provided proofreading services for essays and dissertations to masters students.

Technical vocabulary in Chinese

Translations of technical terms from mathematics and computer science into Chinese

Gauss-Legendre algorithm

Implementing an algorithm to compute the digits of Pi using the arithmetic-geometric mean

Basel problem

A classical problem in mathematical analysis examined through the lens of computer programming

Norms in the real plane

Unit circle drawing tool